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A Positive Sign

How are the plants doing?  It's been almost two months since the new plants were installed in the flower beds at Beresford Park.  Somewhat amazing that the plants haven't been completely trampled by unwitting youngsters on a beeline from the curb into the playground.  You may recall the 3 foot high roped fence that previously guarded the dahlias.  Having avoided catastrophe so far, each walk into the park is an opportunity for the curious to check and see how the plants are doing. Yesterday the beds got an extra drink of water.  In the process, a spot of red on a Lamb's Ear leaf caught my eye.  Something about seeing a Lady Bug in a organic garden that says "everything's alright".  A good sign indeed.

Happy Bumble

While giving some of the plants in the flower beds @ Beresford a little extra care (kelp tea and a compost dressing)yesterday, I came across this little guy enjoying the Agastache.  Once these get a bit bigger the hummingbirds will surely be frequent visitors.  Have a great day, everyone!

Mulch Madness Success!

Bottom line: we ran out of wood chips at 1pm today - and it was a big pile this week.  Well done team!  Many park visitors expressed their appreciation today - and we may even see some of them along side us at the next event.  Jo Ann, Jackie and Howard put in a big effort today and the result looks great.  Coming up: the next volunteer event is targeted for mid-July.  Stayed tuned for more details. Happy summer, folks!

Mulch Madness is tomorrow!

A new supply of wood chips is ready and needs help finding a new home in the landscape beds @ Beresford Park.  Looking forward to seeing folks tomorrow morning.  Festivities start at 8am.

Another Volunteer Opportunity this Saturday, June 15

The bad news: it's HOT! The good news: the flower beds got a dose of compost and kelp tea this morning so they should make it through this heat wave in good shape. More good news: more wood chips are on the way!  Big thank you to the guys from the City of San Mateo Landscape Resources crew - Mike Blondino, Mark Cooper and Ron Fascenda - for keeping us supplied in mulch.  None of this would be possible without their partnership.  Thanks, guys! Even more good news: the high on Saturday is currently forecast at 68 degrees! Hope we get to see you out there this weekend.  Please email me with any questions: We'll start at 8am again and will initially meet at the flower beds, then plan to head over to the playground for more work there. Grow San Mateo!

Thank You GSM Weed Pullers!

The Beresford Park playground area got a dose of GSM this morning - 18 collective volunteer hours in all. Jo Ann, Renee and Howard teamed up around the playground.  Appreciate Ed (our newest contributor) stopping by to put his trusty dandelion weeder to use in the bed next to the skate park.  In total we pulled 5 large garbage cans full of weeds out of the beds and put 5 cubic yards of mulch back into the beds.  Well done! It was a typically busy Saturday at the park and there were quite a few curious little ones wondering why we got to play in the wood chips and they weren't allowed.  Always gratifying to receive a "thank you" from passers by - and there were many appreciative folks out in the park today. Giving up a beautiful summer morning to be hunched over on hands & knees yanking at weed roots and schlepping wood chips is not something most people would do.  And with smiles no less.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Planning for the ne