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A Compost Bin for The Carey School

From left to right: Anna, Helen, Howard & Susan The Carey School has a new compost bin setup thanks to a small group of GROW San Mateo volunteers who came out on a foggy Saturday morning to turn the back corner of the school's garden into a composting area.  With worm factories already in place across the school's campus, the addition of a batch compost setup should help create an easily accessible source of organic material to enrich the garden's raised beds. This was the 3rd compost bin setup for GROW San Mateo this year.  The modular design, allowing the bins to be pre-built in an area with convenient access to tools & electricity, has allowed  onsite installation to be accomplished with a minimal number of tools and volunteers.  The Carey School install was complete within an hour. We hope the new bins become an integral part of Carey School's green initiatives and a rich source of learning & discovery for young gardeners. Happy Composting!

A Full Day: Collective Roots, The Carey School & Second Harvest Nutrition Class

Every once in a while the stars align: all the things you wish you could do in a day actually fit into the day's schedule.  Yesterday was one of those days. The morning was spent in East Palo Alto - helping with a new garden installation with Collective Roots , part of the Fresh Approach organization.  Najiha (pictured in the blue & white plaid shirt) leads volunteer teams to install raised bed gardens for Fresh Approach clients.  Today's install was for Karla (pictured in a green sweatshirt) who is originally from Peru.  Karla will be attending one of the Fresh Approach Veggie RX classes to learn more about nutrition and healthy cooking - and there she'll receive seed packets that she can then plant in her new raised bed garden.  Our 5 person volunteer team made quick work of the garden install.  Then it was off to The Carey School to talk with the 5th grade class. From left to right: Mr. Bill, Ms. La Trice, Ms. Jessica and Mr. Daniel The 5th Graders