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How to Start a Garden

With poppies & daffodils already starting to bloom, the thought of creating a garden this year may have crossed your mind.  Our mild climate zone here in San Mateo gives us a full 12 months of growing potential - so if you've like some help in getting started - here's a quick guide with things to consider and some local resources: How-to-start-a-Garden Guide Wishing you a plentiful 2020 harvest! -Bill S.

GROW In The Park Days - Spring 2020 Volunteer Calendar

We're into the 2nd year of our partnership with the City of San Mateo Parks & Recreation to help maintain the landscaped beds within Beresford Park.  In 2019, we adopted the 3 flower beds at the corner of 28th Ave & Fernwood St.  This year, we'll have an opportunity to adopt additional beds utilizing the same organic/drought tolerant approach.  We've recently completed a walk-thru of the park with the Parks & Rec Landscape Supervisor and have identified a list of projects that we can pursue with their support.  As we adopt new landscape beds, together we'll go through the process of design, soil prep & plant installation.  And there are plenty of weeds to pull! Please put these dates on your calendar and we hope to see you out in the park this Spring: Saturday, February 8th Saturday, March 7th Saturday, April 4th Saturday, May 2nd  For all of the above days, we'll meet at the 28th & Fernwood beds at 9am.  Here are a few FAQ's

"We GROW for the Pharmacy" - how it works

Hello Neighbors - Happy New Year to you all! Our support for the Samaritan House Food Pharmacy is going strong in 2020.  Very thankful for our mild winters and the generosity of so many local gardeners in the surrounding San Mateo area.  In case you're new to the program and/or considering participating, here's a quick description of how the program works: For community gardens, produce donations are placed into a donation box provided by GROW San Mateo.  The box is made of redwood and is designed to blend in as much as possible to the garden environment.  Here's a photo of the donation box in the Beresford Park Community Garden: After placing the donation in the box, the gardener sends a text message to GROW San Mateo to alert that a pickup is ready. While the box does provide some shelter for produce, the goal is to quickly retrieve donations and add them to the local display in the Food Pharmacy. Donations are then prep'd for display, in this