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Finding the Silver Lining

And so we continue into the second month of stay-at-home orders and social distancing.  Aside from simply overcoming boredom (thanks, YouTube) and trying to retain some type of social connection (thanks, Zoom), a major challenge these days is to simply not become consumed by the constant stream of bad news.  Getting frequent updates on infection counts, hospitalization rates, number of fatalities, etc, almost overwhelming.  My goal (other than beating Rita in a pull-up contest) is to  try to put the phone away and focus elsewhere.  I recently found some rays of sunlight shining through the clouds in our storm - and thought I'd share: In the photo above, Mignon Belongie is volunteering in the Samaritan House kitchen.  I first met Mignon at a Arboretum Society volunteer event in Central Park last fall - helping to replant the butterfly garden.  Mignon also volunteered at our February GROW San Mateo event in Beresford Park.  Every Thursday afternoon at the