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A Quarantine Surprise

Leaving a garden plot for a month to hide from the coronavirus, my expectations were low as to what I'd find when I finally returned.  Well, for all of the seeds that don't germinate, the powdery mildew, the aphids, the rodents...sometimes things turn out unexpectedly...for the better. Planting under a row cover is new to me, but I've been watching a lot of Charles Dowding YouTube videos and he swears by them.  Just before the shutdown, I transplanted a few golden beet & leek seedlings into my new plot at Los Prados Community Garden that was sheet mulched with cardboard + 20 bags of Lyngso compost.  Then the stay-at-home order hit.  When I returned to the plot last week (fully masked & gloved), I was shocked.  Apparently the little rain that we had was enough: A whole crop of beets was pushing up into the row cover - fantastic!   I hope you all have been able to enjoy some time in a garden space during these uncertain times.  As you