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Hillsborough Harvest Garden joins "We GROW for the Pharmacy"

Khristine & Emily at the Hillsborough Harvest Garden Thrilled to announce that the Hillsborough Harvest Garden has begun supporting our project benefiting the Samaritan House Food Pharmacy.  The Harvest Garden is located just west of downtown Burlingame and is maintained by volunteers from the Hillsborough community.   The garden includes rows & rows of raised beds (each named for a street in Hillsborough) that contain herbs, strawberries, leafy greens, tomatoes, potatoes - just to name a few.  There's also a small orchard of apple, stone fruit & citrus trees.  For more information about the garden, visit Many thanks to Duncan Beardsley, a Hillsborough resident and Samaritan House board member, for connecting us.  To the Hillsborough community, thank you for sharing the beautiful fruits, herbs & vegetables grown in the garden with clients of the Samaritan House.  The Harvest Garden is an amazing space and is the 3

Beresford Park Generosity

Heading over to Beresford Park Community Garden this afternoon, I was expecting to retrieve some freshly harvested zucchini from the GROW San Mateo donation box.  What I didn't expect was the surprise that Marcy & Patrick unveiled...a whole raised bed at the entrance to the garden - planted with several types of green beans, flowers and hot peppers - all to be donated on an ongoing basis to the Food Pharmacy!  Marcy Wigeri van Edema harvesting green beans from bed dedicated to the Samaritan House Food Pharmacy. To the many gardeners at Beresford Park who donated to their time, seeds, plants and ongoing care to the new Food Pharmacy bed - thank you!   Neighbor helping neighbor.  That's what community is all about - and you all have demonstrated that with your generosity.  And that zucchini donation...I couldn't carry it all! Part of the July 7, 2020 donation from Beresford Park Community Garden So many gardeners in the community ar

Mixed Emotions on the 1st of July

I woke up excited this morning, knowing that I'd get to spend the first part of the day harvesting some vegetables at the community garden.  The plots at Los Prados Community Garden have exploded in the last few weeks as squash plants seemed to double in size every day.  The first tomatoes are starting to ripen and zucchini is coming fast and furious.  This is the time of year a gardener plans for - yearns for - during the other 9 months out of the year.  So with great anticipation I headed east on Hillsdale Blvd toward my plot. As I drove through the neighborhood, a Uhaul moving truck caught my eye, parked in front of a large apartment complex next to the mall.  Today is moving day - and for many people - the day that rent is due.  This jogged my memory of something I had recently read - a post by Bart Charlow , CEO of the Samaritan House.   Did you know?... 200 to 300 cars line up every day in the Samaritan House parking lot to receive food assistance The number of clie