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Planting a Fall garden

As the sky begins to turn blue again in the Bay Area, there's never been a better time to get outside and plant a Fall garden.  Take the opportunity now (what else are you going to do...thank you, COVID) to get plants established before the days get shorter and the temperatures cooler.    And if you are able, please consider growing vegetables for the Samaritan House Food Pharmacy.  For more information, please visit our We GROW for the Pharmacy project page. Here are some ideas for growing food in a small garden: 1) Sugar Snap Peas These are delicious and easy to grow.  If you have children, building a simple trellis can be a fun project.  Here's one we're currently testing in the front yard: 2) Leeks Leeks are more versatile than you may think.  Sautéed alone with some olive oil, or added to soup, or even as a pizza topping - leeks are easy to grow and delicious to eat. 3) Beets Another easy to grow root vegetable packed with nutrients.  Once established, these can stay i