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Beyond Leaf Blowers

Are leaf blowers bad?  Should they be banned?  That's a debate that is currently happening in San Mateo.  Leaf blowers cause noise & air pollution and are potentially harmful to the landscape workers who use them all day.  These are the facts - but regulating use is problematic - from the potential economic impact to small, minority owned landscape companies to the difficulty of enforcement.  So nothing has changed.  Well...something has changed...have you seen our new Landworks Leaf Mulcher? With an electric 15-amp 1800 watt motor, it sounds like you're running a shop vac.  The result is a beautiful mulch that will more quickly decompose in your compost bin and makes excellent worm bin bedding.  We're so lucky to have a large camphor tree out front to give us with a year-round supply of leaves!  Oh...where was I...leaf blowers...yes. This much is true: one person's yard waste another person's soil food.  Soil food?  Isn't that what they call fertilize

Fall Gardening Guide is here!

Seriously...could there be a better time to be outside planting your Fall garden?  Cast your ballot, turn off your phone and spend an afternoon with your hands in the soil.  You'll be glad you did. To make things a little easier, we've put together a Fall Gardening Guide with a selection of produce that grows well in and around San Mateo.  You'll find planting & harvesting tips and a calendar to help you plan.   Click on the image below to view.  And thank you, Marika - our newest GROW San Mateo volunteer, for creating our first ever gardening guide! Click on the image to view