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Growing is ON! Spring Gardening Guide

 What better way to follow an atmospheric river than with our Spring Gardening Guide !  Click here for local gardening inspiration With seed companies experiencing 5x the normal order volume in some cases, more people are heading out into the garden during this terrible pandemic.  The garden is a magical place where we are witness to nature's inherent drive for life.  In only a few steps we enter an entirely different world of plants, insects, birds, fungi, bacteria...and maybe a mammal or two.  There's no better break from what is increasingly a digital world. The COVID-19 pandemic has shone a bright light on the inequities in our food system.  Poorer neighborhoods are often described as food deserts..."nothing but fast food & liquor stores" as Ron Finley describes.  Diets with little fiber or nutrients lead to preventable diseases like diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.  And COVID-19 is most deadly to people struggling with these health conditions.  The l

Getting Started: Wine Barrel Planters

Gardening in a small, urban space requires a bit of creativity.  Our challenges are many: buildings & trees frequently block sunlight;  various critters like to snack on new seedlings and just ripe fruits & vegetables; and here in San Mateo, irrigation is a must.  To increase your probability of gardening success, consider adding recycled wine barrels into your urban garden.    Having tried many types of growing containers over the years, the wine barrel has made it to the top of my list.  My galvanized tubs always seemed to need more water than wooden barrels - perhaps due to the different heating/cool properties of the metal vs. wood?  Aesthetically, a recycled barrel looks like it's been there for years - which I love.  And the smell!  There is no comparison. Cost is definitely a consideration.  A wine barrel at Home Depot is $40 whereas a 35 gallon galvanized tub is $55.  You might say that growing in the ground is $0.00 - but in some locations, the extra 18 inches off