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Compost is all your garden needs

Using compost in a garden may seem an obvious choice, but the fertilizer companies have made a lot of money for a long time convincing you otherwise.  Simply stated - compost is all you need to feed your garden.  That's not going to make companies much money, but it will help to actually mitigate some of the climate change that is so rapidly happening.  If you need more convincing, here are a few reasons to trust your garden's health to compost:   Two bags of turkey compost & freshly brewed compost tea. Reason #1: Nutrients & Minerals Below is an analysis of compost sold by Lyngso Garden Materials.  A bag of the Diestel Structured Compost ("turkey compost") costs $7 - which may sound expensive - until you look at the report:  Diestel Structured Compost analysis by Waypoint Analytical - from Lyngso Garden Materials product page Here's a link to the full report provided by Lyngso. Using this compost in your garden negates the need for fertilizer, as NPK (nit