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Grow to Give

Let's be honest. Our food system is making us sick.   Fast food, processed food and chemically grown food has fueled a health crisis that will persist long after the current pandemic winds down.  Obesity.  Diabetes.  Heart disease.  Drive along our El Camino Real and compare the number of fast food locations to those selling affordable fresh produce.  There are two San Mateos:  the "haves" who can eat healthy and buy organic ingredients from Whole Foods or the Farmers Market.  And the "have nots" who are saddled with the stress of low paying jobs and living paycheck-to-paycheck without a safety net - making it more likely a family's $10 will be spent at Burger King rather than on a bag of healthy produce...that requires additional time and energy to prepare.  Only big food corporations and the pharmaceutical companies stand to gain.  Call it inequality, food insecurity...we must change how our community feeds itself. Local farmers are a valuable asset to the